Metsec Steel Frame - Mayflower Apartments

CATS College | Canterbury
Student Accommodation


CATS College | Canterbury

Student Accommodation.

At this year’s FIS Awards Ceremony, Atkin Trade Specialists were delighted to receive the Gold Award in the Steel Framed Systems category.

Our winning entry was for a Metframe structural solution at Chaucer House, CATs College, Canterbury. Working alongside Main Contractor ‘Jenner’ and Architects ‘Clague’, Atkin Trade Specialists used Metframe for this building which incorporated many traditional features such as large bay windows with castellations, feature stone-work and mansard roofs inspired by adjacent existing buildings.

3D Computer modelling was a valuable tool in designing the complex roof configuration. Off-site assembly of the wall / roof units enhanced the site programme and allowed an installation team of just 5 site personnel to build the Metframe structure within 13 weeks.

This included 
• External walls clad with insulation.
• Internal load-bearing walls.
• Hot-rolled steelwork integrated as necessary.
• Elements of the building were ‘future proofed’ allowing the internal configuration to be altered at a later date if required.
• Staircases.
• Liftshaft.
• Mansard roof structure.

Metsec Metframe CATS College Canterbury


Client | CATS College
Contractor | Jenner
Architects | Clague
ATS Value | £1.2million
Floor Area | 9000m2




Metframe is voestalpine Metsec’s modern, factory fabricated, pre-panelised framing solution. Manufactured off-site in a controlled, dry, high precision factory environment and installed by Atkin Trade Specialists.

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