Gascoyne Estate | London

Care Home

A 5 Storey MetFrame structure commencing first floor with a pitched roof structure.

The use is as residential units for RSL. There are interesting inset balconies with face brickwork. Supporting the glass balustrade to the low parapet at roof level was successfully designed by Atkin Trade Specialists.

The MetFrame is pre-panelised into wall panels with rigid insulation off site then delivered in the sequence required. Floors are composite concrete. Steel stairs and MetFrame lift-shafts are all included. Hot-rolled steel has been integrated where required such as for the ground storey colonnade. The roof is a mansard configuration with a cranked eaves detail using both hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel. Hot-rolled rafters with cold-rolled steel purlins form two large pyramids at roof level.

Atkin Trade Specialists also designed, supplied and installed the very tall SFS infill walling in the ground floor RC frame for the adjacent community centre that was eventual clad with copper.


Contractor | Bennett Construction
ATS Value | £280K



Metframe is voestalpine Metsec’s modern, factory fabricated, pre-panelised framing solution. Manufactured off-site in a controlled, dry, high precision factory environment and installed by Atkin Trade Specialists.

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