Rhodaus | Canterbury

Student Accommodation

The environmental credentials of Metsec’s Metframe system played a key role in the Rhodaus House student accommodation development in Canterbury.

Thomas Atkin from Atkin Trade Specialists said: “The issue of sustainability is a core social and corporate responsibility for us. Our work with Metsec is crucial to maintaining this ethos. We choose to use Metframe as it is substantially lighter than traditional alternatives and we work closely with Metsec engineers to produce a 3D design for each of our projects. This allows us to create a complete building solution with sustainability in mind and organise a seamless construction process. At Rhodaus House, we were able to significantly reduce the loads on the substructure by using Metframe to ensure a reduction in the overall carbon footprint of the project.”
The use of Metframe ensured zero waste from the structural build but the project team also designed a waste management programme, which saw more than 94% of overall site waste diverted from landfill, with about 62% re-used on-site and 32% recycled.

Metsec Metframe Rhodaus House

Rhodaus Town Block C

Contractor | Cardy
Architect | Gut Hollaway
ATS Value | £2million
Floor Area | 9500m2



Metframe is voestalpine Metsec’s modern, factory fabricated, pre-panelised framing solution. Manufactured off-site in a controlled, dry, high precision factory environment and installed by Atkin Trade Specialists.

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